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Police warn of check fraud scam that asks recipients send $3,400 to pay tax
FraudCkDSC 0934a
A fraudulent check for $4,450 was sent to Jack Kelley of Manteca stating he had won $155,000 in a mega million dollar sweepstakes. - photo by HIME ROMERO
It was a business check for $4,450 that was opened by Jack Kelley of Manteca.  It looked too good to be true and Manteca and Manteca Police spokesman Rex Osborn confirmed that it was fraudulent.

The check had been written on a bogus account under the name of Industrial Age Contractors, Inc. of Hamilton, TX, accompanied by a letter that stated Kelley was a winner in the Mega Million Sweepstakes held on January 15.

While it supposedly came from Texas, the envelope was mailed from Canada at a cost of $1 mailed from Holden Financial Services.

The taxing agent was listed in London with the amount of tax due on the winnings standing at $3,400, which reportedly was to be sent to the firm prior to their sending the balance of $120,550 back to the winner.

The letter stated that Holden Financial Services, Inc. is a sweepstakes and lottery services company with interest in fund management and investment “advise” services.  Holden is registered in the U.S., Canada and the UK and it is regulated by the financial authorities in all three countries.