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Quick police response nabs home invasion suspect who shot at victim
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The quick response of two Manteca police officers was credited with the arrest of a home invasion robbery suspect who fired at least one shot at his pursuing victim as he fled on foot.

Officers Jason Bonetti and Eddie Cardenas were in the general neighborhood when they received the 911 call for help shortly after 5 a.m. on Saturday.  They rounded corners from opposite directions in the neighborhood east of Cottage Avenue and south of Louise Avenue just north of Joshua Cowell School as they caught the suspect in their headlights running from his victim.

The patrolmen pulled into the gunman in a V formation from the center of the roadway in the 800 block of Sweet Pea Place.  They allegedly witnessed the 27-year-old Norteño gang member pull a semi-automatic hand gun from his waistband and drop it on the ground.  The entire incident was caught on tape by the COBAN video system in the patrol cars.

Officers said the two masked men entered the home through its garage going inside with guns drawn.  A father and mother were sleeping downstairs while a daughter and her boyfriend were upstairs, police said.

The dad had been on a living room couch when he was awakened by noise of a ruckus and went to investigate.  Police said one of the gunmen grabbed the father and put the muzzle of his weapon into the back of his neck, forcing him to the floor and demanding to know where they kept the money and the jewelry.

The wife entered the room and was also ordered down on the floor in an attempt to give the bandits the control they needed to look through the home.

The homeowner said he was told he would be killed if he didn’t tell them where to find the valuables.  The duo assured him his wife would tell them after he had been shot.

The second man reportedly searched the house both upstairs and downstairs and eventually located a large amount of cash, jewelry, cell phones and medical marijuana, police said.

Arrested on the sidewalk was David Steven Pacheco, 27, of Hayward.

Officers said when they were patting the suspect down for their safety before placing him in a police transport vehicle, they asked if he had any other weapons on his person.

The patrolmen quoted him as saying, “No, if I had I would have shot you with it.”

The homeowner received minor injuries to the back of his neck from the pressure of the gun barrel, police said.

Pacheco was charged with home invasion robbery, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon and firing a weapon in the commission of a felony.

Officers said they found most of the money and jewelry that had been taken from the home including several thousand dollars in cash allegedly stuffed in Pacheco’s pockets.  Police said they also found five grams of heroin in his pockets.

Detective Steve Harris added that the district attorney’s office has assigned a special prosecutor because of the severity of the case.  

Police said the second suspect remains at large.