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Robbery call with a gun unfounded at Cash N Go
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A silent panic armed robbery alarm at the Cash ‘N Go check cashing business at 1142 South Main Street about 6:15 p.m. Wednesday brought police and fire units to the scene within minutes – but its seriousness was overstated.

Four police cars filled the small parking lot and officers using a shield and automatic weapons advanced on the front door where they learned they had a suicidal 58-year-old woman inside.  Fire units and an ambulance had staged nearby to stay out of the possible line of gunfire.

The clerk reportedly told officers that the woman had taken a handful of pills to apparently end her life, but they ultimately regurgitated onto the floor of the business.  Not knowing exactly what they had upon entry, officers handcuffed the woman and interviewed her realizing there was actually no gun involved.

The silent alarms were triggered from both the front of the business and the back office, initially accenting the presumed seriousness of the call.