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SF men charged in pot grow, theft of $105,000 in PG&E electricity
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Two men from San Francisco were arrested Thursday night and charged with cultivating marijuana in a two-story, 4,000 square foot home near Woodward Park in the southern section of Manteca.

Wai Chung Ng, 27 and Jason Jiang-Hua Hu, 26, were booked in the Manteca city jail. They made their bail amount later in the evening and were released from custody.  They were charged with Health and Safety Code violations, marijuana cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale as well as theft of services of water and electricity.

The final investigation tabulation showed there were 638 marijuana plants confiscated by officers at a value of $2.5 million in addition to 23 pounds of dried marijuana buds with a street value of $17,250.  In addition to the marijuana, the growing lights, ballasts, filters and fans reportedly had a street value of about $100,000.

There were also 51 high intensity 1000 watt light fixtures used in growing the plants and 109 high output lighting ballasts.  Police also collected 18 industrial air filters with motorized fans along with another 19 fans from the home at 1884 Arlington Place.

Cash seized in the police operation amounted to $2,691.

Pacific, Gas and Electric workers were called to the scene and shut off all the electricity at the end of the police search and confiscation of the plants and equipment used in the grow.

A PG&E spokesman confirmed that the cost of electricity to support the grow should have cost the men $8,750 per month or $105,000 annually. They reportedly paid a bill of only $70 each month had not the electric service been bypassed.

According to City of Manteca finance records, the house had consumed some 1300 cubic feet of water in just the last two days before police served their search warrant.  That is the average amount of water used by a typical Manteca residence each month.

They were believed to have been in the house for about two years, police said.