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Sheriffs SWAT team officers free Manteca kidnap victim
Herlindo Blanco
San Joaquin County Sheriff’s SWAT officers and detectives came across a 25-year-old Manteca man who had been kidnapped and tortured while executing an arrest warrant in Stockton for a murder suspect in a gang-related killing.

Officers went to an address Wednesday in the 5100 block of East Main Street in Stockton to arrest Habid Flores, 19, on murder and gang-related charges.

Officers took four men into custody including Flores.

During interviews a 25-year-old Manteca man told detectives he had been kidnapped and beaten throughout the night. Detectives checked out his story and verified he had been kidnapped in Manteca and held against his will. The victim suffered severe trauma to his face. At one point he was burned with a torch.

The victim was taken to a Stockton hospital where he was treated and released.

Arrested on kidnapping, mayhem, torture, assault, weapon, and gang enhancement charges were Herlindo Blanco, 19, his brother Robert Blanco 21, and Habid Flores. They are all Stockton residents.

Flores was also held on the murder arrest warrant.

Detectives are continuing with the investigation.