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Shots fired at Manteca man warming up car at home
Sunday sees 2nd drive-by shooting plus car jacking
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Warming up his SUV before leaving for work Sunday morning almost cost a Manteca man his life.
Manteca Police said that a resident of the 1100 block of Brookhaven Lane – northeast of Airport Way and the Highway 120 Bypass as well as south of Sierra High - had been loading his SUV in his driveway with items he was taking to work.  He noticed a small dark blue van pass by his home three times as he was preparing to leave, he told officers.
He then noticed the vehicle stop across the street from his home. The victim saw two men walk toward his SUV idling in the driveway. As he exited his house and walked out to his vehicle he said one of them men raised a hand gun at him. He dove for cover behind a truck that was also parked in the driveway.
Officers said one shot was fired. It hit the top of the truck bed and ricocheted through the garage door and upward into the sheet rock ceiling in the garage - right below the bedroom of a young son.
The man said he originally thought the men were going to jump him. He had made it safely back into his house where he said he quickly locked the door.
Rather than take the SUV from the driveway, the men ran back to their vehicle and fled.  One of the suspects reportedly dropped an electronic key card to a motel room in Tracy.
Canine officer Randy Chiek was unsure of just what motel the key went to when he located it in the street. But it did have an advertisement for a Tracy pizza parlor printed on the back. Chiek contacted the restaurant and learned which motel it came from just off Tracy Boulevard and south of Highway 580.
Police reportedly had a woman and a man in custody Sunday night. William David Wood, 22, a transient, formerly of Sun Valley in Southern California, had turned himself in to Stockton Police. Both were being questioned at the Manteca Police Department Sunday night.
The woman was arrested in the motel room when officers arrived at that location. They said they found drugs, guns and drug paraphernalia in the room where they spent most of Sunday further investigating the case. They also believed they located the weapon used in the morning shooting.
A third suspect, who had been at the scene Sunday morning, hasn’t been found. The victim had told officers there were multiple subjects seen in the vehicle as it drove away from his home.
It was uncertain at press time whether any charges would be leveled against the woman in custody.  Officers were back in Tracy where they believed they had located the suspect’s car which they learned had also been stolen.
Most of the items found in the motel room were believed to be linked to Tracy area burglaries. Sgt. Tony Souza was the lead investigator along with detective Michael Keener.
Also at press time Sunday night officers were called to the area of Union Road and Louise Avenue at the report of a drive by shooting. Two hours earlier, at 7:30 p.m., police were investigating a carjacking on Zoey Lane in the Chadwick Square neighborhood in northwest Manteca.
The Brookhaven Lane incident was the third time in three weeks that cars left idling in driveways attracted car theieves in Manteca.
In the worst year ever for vehicle thefts in Manteca – 2005 - over a quarter of the 798 vehicles stolen were left idling in driveways or with the keys in the ignition.
There were 321 vehicle thefts in Manteca during 2008, down from 374 in 2007.