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Supervisor faces smuggling charge of providing cell phones to inmates
FRENCH CAMP – A San Joaquin County Sheriffs’ correctional officer who supervises prisoners at the county jail ended up being an inmate at the place where he worked following his arrest on Thursday.

Correctional Officer Michael McCann, who was described as an employee whose job was to supervise inmates at the county jail, has been placed on administrative leave following his arrest Thursday evening on suspicion of smuggling and providing cell phones to prisoners at the county jail.

Sheriff’s public information officer Deputy Les Garcia said McCann, who was arrested while he was working inside the jail, is on paid administrative leave.

He will be on leave “pending the outcome of the current ongoing investigation,” added Garcia.

McCann, who has worked at the Sheriff’s Office since January 2002, is a full-time employee, Gardia said.

The suspect was arrested around 8 p.m. Thursday. Investigators said “more charges are likely” to be filed against McCann.

According to police reports, the Sheriff’s Office received information on Monday, Jan. 3, “involving allegations that a correctional officer was introducing contraband into the jail.”

Following an investigation, detectives learned that the contraband being smuggled into the jail “consisted of cellular phones.”

Based on the result of the investigation, McCann was arrested Thursday while he was working.