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Third suspect arrested in theft of cheese buses
Michael Timothy Davy

A third suspect has been arrested in the Tillamook Cheese vehicle theft.

Michael Timothy Davy, 38, of Sacramento was arrested Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. by San Joaquin County’s Delta Regional Auto Theft Task Force.

Davy was arrested with the assistance of the Sacramento County Auto Theft Task Force, the California Highway Patrol Air Support Unit and a California Highway Patrol K9 team as he left his residence.

Davy is being booked at the San Joaquin County Jail on charges of vehicle theft, possession of stolen a stolen vehicle, arson, and conspiracy. 

The Manteca Police stressed if it were not for the combined efforts of each member of the San Joaquin County Delta Regional Auto Theft Task Force, which is led by the California Highway Patrol the recovery of stolen vehicles and the apprehension of these three suspects, would not have been possible.

Law enforcement recovered three restored Volkswagen minibuses valued at $300,000. Two other vehicles taken were torched.