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Two men steal box of ammo from Bass Pro
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A box of .32 caliber ammunition was stolen from the Bass Pro Shops during the noon hour on Thursday.

Manteca Police said two men who are believed to be in their late teens or early 20s – one black and the other Hispanic – appeared to work together as security officers at the store watched their movements on store surveillance cameras.

The black man was reportedly seen picking up the box and walking around with it before he set it down on the counter. The loss prevention team then watched him pick up the box, put it in the cargo pocket of his pants and walk into the restroom where he allegedly opened the box and dumped the shells into his pocket.

Both men exited the store toward their four-door maroon Honda as they were followed by store personnel. Officers said they ignored the shout from a security officer and refused to respond to him.

They were last seen driving north on Union Road.