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Two shot in 3 drive-by shootings within 4 hours
One victim stabbed after leaving hospital
Bullet holes can be seen in the wall and window of an apartment in the 100 block of South Street from a gunfire assault on the residence after 1 a.m. Wednesday. Bullet casings were found in the street, officers said. The photo has been altered to block out the address of the home and show the locations of the bullet holes. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Two men were shot in drive-by shootings Tuesday night with one of the victims being knifed Wednesday morning after being released from an area hospital – later arrested,  when for a second time, he was back in the hospital emergency room.

There were three drive-by shootings within a four-hour period primarily in Central Manteca.

Angel Lopez, 28, of Manteca was arrested for possession of marijuana for sale after he was released from the emergency room at Doctors Hospital for treatment of his knife wounds.  Officers searched the apartment of his girlfriend, west of Pestana Avenue, where he was reportedly living.  Lopez was on searchable probation, officers said, allowing them to enter his apartment and find the marijuana.

Lopez was shot in the posterior and in the knee in front of his apartment in the 1800 block of Azure Court shortly after 2 a.m.  The gunman and three other occupants were in a teal-colored Honda Accord, witnesses said.

When he was first released from the hospital with bullets remaining in his knee and buttocks,  Lopez – still in his hospital gown – reportedly drove to Alameda and Lincoln streets to drop off a friend near that intersection when he was knifed leaving his silver Dodge Neon covered with blood, police said.

Citizens near the shooting scene were reluctant to talk about the gunfire saying it was a wild night for them.  One noted that everyone knew who was responsible, saying no one was willing to point out the suspect in fear or retribution.

Lopez was transported from the hospital to the police department for booking later in the morning where he was said to still be visibly bleeding.  He was released on a citation for the marijuana possession, police said.

The first reports of shots fired came in to the police dispatcher shortly after 10 p.m. Tuesday at the intersection of Michigan and Virginia streets.  Kaiser Hospital emergency room personnel called police to say they had a shooting victim at their facility.  A 23-year-old man had been shot while pushing a three-wheeled bike through the intersection.

It was after 1 a.m. that more calls came in to the police department that a volley of shots were fired from a car hitting the front of an apartment in the 100 block of South Street just west of South Main Street.

The apartment, believed to be the residence of a gang member, was occupied by a woman and a young daughter – both sleeping at the time—who were uninjured in the assault, police said.   Bullet holes could be seen Wednesday near the door and into a front window.  Detectives were investigating the scene at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon with the window scheduled to be replaced at 3 p.m.

Detectives arrested three gang members later Wednesday afternoon who were walking near Southside Park for felony possession of deadly weapons.  Dressed in red gang colors from shoes to belt and underwear, two had screwdrivers that could be used as weapons and the other had a large rock in a sock, police said.

They were taken to the police department where they were booked and released on citations.

South County Crime Stoppers are offering up to $1,000.00 that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the drive-by shooters.  Callers remain anonymous with the use of numbers to identify them and may call 823-4636.  The Crime Stoppers web site is at www. SouthCountyCrimeStoppers .org.