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While awaiting trial women arrested again on fraudulent credit card charges
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Lastraza Williams, 27, of Manteca was arrested for a second time this month on charges of burglary, grand theft and the unauthorized use of a credit card by Manteca officers. Officer Jason Downs is seen placing the woman in a patrol car in front of her Moffat Boulevard motel room Friday morning. - photo by GLENN KAHL
A Manteca woman who told police earlier this month that she needed money to pay her $2,500 rent and an assortment of other bills including her PG&E was arrested again for grand theft and the unauthorized use of a credit card.

Manteca Police officers  located Lastraza Williams staying at a motel in the 500 block of Moffat Boulevard Friday morning and arrested her on the new charges.

She had been released earlier on her own recognizance, police said.  Her original bail at San Joaquin County Jail had been set at $563,000. Often times the accused are released even if they don’t post bail due to overcrowding at the jail and the need to make room for more violent offenders.

A credit card other than her own was used at Staples on April 6 when she allegedly used it to buy some $600 worth of merchandise including gift cards to department stores, police said.

Officers added that she had returned the next day to use the card again for a like amount, but was declined by the manager.  Detective Steve Harris said their investigation is continuing.  Harris said that Child Protective Services (CPS) from Washington State is coming to Manteca to take custody of the woman’s two children.

Harris said the woman originally opened an account at Uncle Credit Union on West Yosemite Avenue and deposited a minimum of $25.

She reportedly returned to the credit union on April 22 and asked to cash a check for $2,500 that had been written on a bogus Washington State Employees Credit Union account of D.D. Ent & Rental – but listing her address on Todd Avenue.

Between April 27 and April 30 she had allegedly written more than 30 checks to businesses around the community from Costco to J.C. Penney – all reportedly listed on the carbon copies in her check book.