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Crossover vehicle slams into PG&E box, bursts into flames
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Residents near a neighborhood park told of hearing an explosion as three cars collided in the 1200 block of Trailwood Avenue at 6 p.m. Friday with one crashing into a PG&E control box at the edge of the park that began arcing and set the vehicle on fire.
The explosion came from the control box after it was struck just beyond the curbing of the park.
Firefighters took great care in attempting to put out the blaze that engulfed the front of the vehicle for fear an electrical charge from the arcing box would run back up their hose line.  The firemen used  short bursts of water into the car’s engine compartment and they quickly raised  their hoses above the vehicle to break any electrical surge.
Trailwood was closed to traffic for more than an hour until the car fire and the investigation were completed. No one was injured in the crash that left a Chevy Malibu and a Ford Taurus at the curb and on the sidewalk where they came to rest after the collision.

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