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Danielle hits it with her best shot
IDOL FEATURE1-10-01-09
Manteca Idol contestant Danielle Osoteo sings “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” during Wednesday’s competition. - photo by HIME ROMERO
It was almost two decades after Pat Benetar recorded “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” that 11-year-old Danielle Osoteo was born.

But that didn’t stop the Joseph Widmer student and aspiring Manteca Junior Idol from donning her flashiest 80s makeup as she rocked Chez Shari to the rock staple and kept the crowd – which had already heard the song earlier that night in a pristine take by an older singer – energized and entertained.

With a pink and white striped fedora and decorated forearm coverings accenting her period-specific outfit, Osoteo – who says she’s been performing ever since she was a toddler – gave everything she had to keep the crowd involved during her impressive take.

“I like getting up and performing because it’s both a fun thing to do and you get to meet some really cool people at the same time,” she said. “Being up on stage is doing what I love, and getting the judges and the people involved is really what does it for me.”

It wasn’t until a vocal coach tipper her off about the upcoming contest that Osoteo even knew there was a chance to hold a local title in an event that also serves as a fundraiser for the Manteca/Lathrop Boys and Girls Club. Once she found out, she threw her hat into the ring.

While  she has every intention of coming back every week until a winner is crowned in late November – putting in high-energy songs that she has to learn completely in the week leading up to the show – she also hopes to keep her performing career going well beyond the crowning.

“I’ve met a lot of friends doing this, and have fun each and every night that I’m out there,” said Danielle – the daughter Renedio and Rogelio Osoteo. “I’m always looking for places where I can compete and the upcoming events like America’s Got Talent and other shows out there like that.

“I just like being on stage, and this gives me a chance to do that.”

The Manteca Idol takes place Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at Chez Shari’s on the second floor of the Manteca Golf Course Clubhouse. The finals will take place as part of the annual Manteca/Lathrop Boys & Girls Club telethon on Nov. 23.