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Deal keeps fire district whole for 10-year period
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The 344-acre Griffin Park development being annexed into Manteca from the rural area to the south is expected to yield up to 1,592 homes.
Those homes, of which the first may be occupied by as early as 2020 if not sooner, will be protected primarily by the Manteca Fire Department given they would be inside the city limits even though the developers have agreed to pay an upfront lump sum payment of the next 10 years of property taxes with annual 5 percent increase built in to the Lathrop Manteca Fire District.
The agreement is part of a San Joaquin Local Area Formation Commission requirement that the fire district’s loss of property tax revenue be mitigated in part as a condition of the city annexing the land. The 344 acres border the west side of Main Street/Manteca Road from a point just south of Atherton Drive where SaveMart plans to anchor a shopping center to Sedan Avenue in the south. Part of Griffin Park reaches the west side of Tinnin Road with a fairly large chunk at one point crossing Tinnin Road.
And while it seems to favor the district over the city, the agreement the City Council is considering when they meet tonight at 7 o’clock at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St., calls for the two agencies to work together to devise a system that sends the closest — and most appropriate — resource to any emergency calls within the 344 acres.
Lathrop Manteca maintains a fire station on South Union Road south of Nile Avenue that based on distance and drive time is closer to most of the 344 acres. The city’s headquarters station on Union road is the next closest to the proposed development.
The plan is to use Automated Vehicle Location and other dispatch technologies to make basically instantaneous decisions of which units to dispatch when a call comes in.
At the end of 10 years before the deal terminates the city must execute a dropped boundary agreement that is mutually agreeable to the fire district and the city.
Griffin Park is the largest residential development ever pursued in Manteca. The undertaking of concerns headed by local developers Toni Raymus, Bill Filios, Mike Atherton, Albert Boyce, and Daryll Quaresma could see dirt being turned as early as 2019 based on the current market conditions.
Most of the homes planned will consist of 4 to 7 homes per acre. That’s typical of the current development pattern south of the 120 Bypass. In addition one neighborhood will consist of 88 lots in a gated community with executive lot sizes ranging from 0.5 to 4 homes per acre in the southern part of the project as the transition starts to agricultural uses.

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