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DeBrum most prolific fundraiser
Out raises his Manteca council race opponents 3 to 1
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Steve DeBrum has cemented his standing as the most prolific campaign fundraiser in Manteca municipal election history.

DeBrum as of Sept. 30 had raised $25,644 for next month’s Manteca City Council election. That’s almost three times more than two of his opponents, Ben Cantu and Debby Moorhead combined. A fourth candidate - Sheila Raya - has indicated she will not be raising money actively enough to trigger the state-mandated campaign disclosure statement filing requirement.

Cantu was at $4,749 and Moorhead at $4,100 as of Sept. 30.

In four races DeBrum has raised over $80,000. He was first elected in a special election in 2003 and won re-election in 2004 and 2008.

The last election cycle in 2010 saw less than $45,000 raised and spent by eight candidates. That’s a far cry from the record $100,256 spent in the 2002 races that still stand as the most expensive election in Manteca history.

DeBrum and Moorhead are the incumbents in the Nov, 6 race for two open council seats.

DeBrum reported having $10,920 on hand going into the final 27 days of the campaign while Moorhead had $2,265 on hand and Cantu $300.

Cantu is the only candidate to receive a loan. It was in the form of $4,449.93 loan from the business he owns, BC Planning. Under California law he can continue to raise money to pay back the loan even after the election is over or else the lender - in this case his business - can forgive the loan.

DeBrum is the only candidate to receive small donations under $99. These are typically from ticket sales to fundraisers. Small donors accounted for $10,400 of his campaign war chest. Another $2,020 was for in-kind services donated for his fundraiser including the food and event space.

DeBrum’s donors in excess of $99 that are required by law to be listed include:

• $2,000 donors: Tuff Boy Leasing

$1,000 donors: American Punjabi Association, William Filios, Fred Douma Family Trust, Daryll and Diane Quaresma, Anderson Homes

• $500 donors: Grupe Commercial Co., Joe and Lillian Machado, AG Enterprises, Brocchini Farms, NorCal Carpenters Regional Council, Fonseca Farms, PACEG, John and Susan Vander Schaap, Friends of Dean Uecker, Casino Real, Thomas Terpstra

• $300 donor: Riella Ranches-Tracy Ranch

• $200 donors: Francine Escobar, Gary and Kat Waters, George and Violet Perry, Frontiers

• $150 donors: Miner Mart, Fiore Development, Dale and Ruth Bricker, Robert and Teresa Holmes, Donald and Sharon Busser, Richard and Linda Silverman

• $100 donors: Rex Osborn and Linda Abeldt, James and Peggy Spears, Langman Consulting, William and Miriam Cabral, John and Kay Harris, Mick and Kristen Founts, Arvin and Terri Boersma, Ted Poulos, Ken and Alice Hafer, Mike Brown, Klatman Touch of Class Catering, Fred Milner, Ethan and Barbara Ives, Uecker Insurance Agency, VanVliet Enterprises, G&H Dairy, Raymond and Darlene Quaresma, Albert and Virginia Boyce, Steve and Thaera Schluer, Mario and Diane Galeazzi, Jeff and Mary Shields, Joann Jamerson,

Cantu’s donors in excess of $99 that are required by law to be listed include:

• $300 donor: Andrew Uvalles

Moorhead’s donors in excess of $99 that are required by law to be listed include:

• $1,000 donors: American Punjabi Association, ANF Development

• $500 donor: MJL Enterprises

• $250 donor: LJ Consultants

• $100 donor: Richard Silverman