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Did Fant sidestep facility use rules?
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Trustees of the Manteca Unified School District, in response to the civil grand jury of San Joaquin County,  adopted a policy not too long ago to take immediate action if they believe one of their own were in violation of district bylaws.

On Tuesday, Nancy Teicheira, who is a longtime board member, did just that, questioning her colleague Sam Fant on “conflict of policy” on his use of the Weston Ranch High library.

He’s involved in several endeavors in Stockton including vice president of the Weston Ranch Junior Cougars’ youth football program. His name appeared in an invitation urging the WRJC family to come out for an end-of-the-season parent meeting at the library on Nov. 5 to voice any comments, concerns and opinions of the recent youth football season.

 “The Junior Cougars did not follow the proper procedure (in the Use of Facilities policy),” Teicheira said at the school board meeting.

She believes Fant used his connection with the district to waive the fees.

He claimed otherwise.

“We never used the WRHS library without paying,” Fant said. “I’m very aware of the policy (on Use of Facilities) having done so outside of being a board member.”

He added: “If there were any violations, site administrators are good at catching it.”

Fant noted that the letter sent with his name was done so by a parent. He added that this matter could’ve better handled if Teicheira had personally contacted him before making any accusations.

Community member Karen Pearsall believed that this matter should be questioned at the board meeting given that both are elected officials. “I think this needs to be hashed out publicly,” she said.

Fant, who represents the Weston Ranch area, said the recent meeting was more than just the youth football program but also touched on some community concerns.

Board president Deborah Romero, in moving forward, pointed out special interest meetings conducted by board member or any district official for that matter should be specific when it comes to Use of Facilities. “If it’s a parents meeting, we need to clarify it as a parents meeting to stay true to the grand jury,” she said.

Superintendent Jason Messer agreed to look further into the matter.