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Downed PG&E power line on S. Union Road leaves many residents in the dark
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Why a section of a PG&E power line on South Union Road between Woodward and Peach avenues fell to the ground around noon on Tuesday is still not known.

Sparks from the live wire charred the dry brown grass on the ground along the shoulder of the road. The affected area is the west side of Union Road which is a field whose hay crop was harvested earlier. The field is bookended by two houses, with another house directly across the downed power line.

No injuries were reported. It is not known how many residents were affected by the power outage which lasted from the time the incident happened around noon until shortly before 9 p.m. when electricity was restored.

A telephone call to PG&E seeking information as to what caused the live wire to fall to the ground was not immediately returned.