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Driver suspected of intentionally running over man arrested by police
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Bobby Garcia, 41, of Manteca was arrested by detectives Wednesday for allegedly running down a Manteca man in a Jessie Street driveway New Year’s Eve, according to Police Sgt. Brian Holland.
Police earlier described it as a violent event and not an accident when the man was struck by Garcia’s vehicle in the 400 block of Jessie Street shortly before 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 1.
Officers had arrived on the scene to find a woman kneeling next to the injured man applying pressure to a head wound.  The 36-year-old victim was transported to an area hospital where he underwent immediate surgery and was later said to be in stable condition. 
Police had said the incident was caused by a personal conflict between the two men.
Drive-by shooting
on Hastings Street
A mid-afternoon drive by shooting Monday on Hastings Drive east of Airport Way and south of Lathrop Road in northwest Manteca struck a parked Chevy Blazer several times as the suspects quickly drove to the west disappearing down Airport Way, according to police spokesman Sgt. Michael Aguilar.
Officers  found several bullet casings on the ground after the shooting but  had no witness statements as to the responsibles.  Drive by shootings in Manteca have become less of a rarity in the community in the past year.
Police are continuing their investigation into the incident.