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East Union Highs Super Celebration
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The purpose of Point Break is to better the behaviors, values and attitudes of students on campus and in their communities. To help celebrate and uplift students, the East Union cafeteria helped them feel like heroes.
Students learn that by intervening before the acts of bullying, hatred or violence take place, improved learning conditions are established, relationships are formed, and reconciliation commences.
Former bullies often feel a sense of guilt and empathy towards their peers and the desire to stop their bad behaviors after participating in this workshop.
Participants engage with other students in ice-breaker games, small group discussions, encouraging teaching segments and touching moments of personal reflection—all of which call for honesty. Students who are normally more reserved feel more comfortable trusting their peers.
“People don’t come out with their feelings and aren’t open. They hold it inside until they burst. They hit their ‘point break’. This is about getting your feelings out there and reassuring students that they’re not alone,” explained Zachary Duran, a point break group leader.
One very emotional workshop activity is called Cross the Line. Point Break hosts ask very personal questions and participants, who identify with the feeling or behavior, walk across a line.
“The Cross the Line was hard in some aspects because at first you don’t want to feel embarrassed but then you realize that everyone’s with you,” said Britney Moneyhun.
On Tuesday, Dec. 6, East Union’s cafeteria staff held Superhero Day. This day was inspired by Point Break, and all students were encouraged to wear their favorite superhero attire to promote their super character and positive attitudes!
“This was an awesome day that brought the whole school campus together to wear their own superhero gear and have a positive day. It, increased the students and staff togetherness,” explained Josie Contreras, East Union’s kitchen manager.