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Board waives fees for Sober Grad
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RIPON – Sober Grad at Ripon High is more than just a one-and-done event.

During the past year, organizers held a March fashion show to display the latest in prom fashion and an entertaining boys volleyball match between RHS and Ripon Christian High.

The Sober Grad Committee is hoping to do much of the same for next year.

“We have three events (including the actual Sober Grad Night),” said volunteer president Beth Bunting at Monday’s Ripon High school board meeting.

She was recently charged $510 as a facility-use fee for the 2012 Sober Grad Night and was requesting for the charges to be reversed.

“We’re non-profit and the (facility-use) fees cut into our margin. I have no problem paying for custodial services,” Bunting added.

Trustees did just that by retroactively waiving the facility-use fees for the recent Sober Grad along with the one for the RHS Class of 2013.

They also agreed to charge the committee just for custodial service, with the cost being $150.

The Sober Grad Committee did request a fee waiver for next year’s fashion show and boys volleyball match. But board policy dictates that the set dates for the two events require at least 90 days advanced notice.

Board President Mike Fisher encouraged Bunting and her group to coordinate both events with RHS officials.