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Cool future for adult school computer room
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It will be a cooler summer this year in the Adult Education Computer Room of the Manteca Unified School District.

Upgrading of the Manteca Adult School building’s electrical system is expected to be completed during the spring break, thanks to a $15,000 funding approved Tuesday night by the Board of Trustees.

During the hotter months of the year, the computer room becomes uncomfortably warm when all the computers are in use. An undersized mechanical equipment was determined as the culprit, so an upgrade was in order. But to do that, the building’s electrical system must first be upgraded.

The cost of $15,000 for the underground utilities installation was quoted by CT Brayton, the company that will be installing the electrical infrastructure. The work will include upgrading the building’s electrical panels and completing the electrical wiring, with the upgraded mechanical cooling units to be installed during the spring break, March 10-14.

The money comes from contingency funds from the recently completed Adult Education Toilet Room Building project which received a total allocation of $48,000.  A portion of that money was allocated for the computer room’s cooling system improvements.