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Garfield Ave. closing during Manteca High school hours?
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Garfield Avenue that slices through the Manteca High campus could be closed during school hours and school -sponsored events such as football games.

The Manteca City Council on Tuesday will consider a request from the Manteca Unified School District to place steel gates to allow the road to be closed.

The gates would be placed in the road just south of Mikesell Avenue near the main gym and at the northern edge of the student parking lot south of the swimming pool.

City staff indicates that traffic conditions do not warrant a permanent closure.

There are presently stop signs near the gym to allow students to cross back and forth from physical education facilities as well as to reach JROTC, ag, and other classes.

At the same time, the school district plans to shift bus loading and unloading to the northern end of the parking lot.

Parking would be eliminated in the drop off area south of the softball field and small gym. Buses would enter Garfield from Moffat to access the new drop-off zone and then use Sherman Avenue to return to Moffat.

The district would be required to do all of the work and pay for needed materials to install the gates as well as to open and close them. At the same time, they must pay for signs and stripping to alert motorists.

If the gates are eventually removed, it will be on the district’s dime to do so and make any needed street repairs.

The district also must provide insurance coverage to protect the city from liability.

The staff report does not mention whether the road closures will impact the use of the sidewalk through the area during school hours. The general public is prohibited from being on school grounds during school hours. Closing the street essentially puts the street- as well as sidewalks- under school district control during the time the gates are closed.