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Golden West School promotes 77 8th graders to high school
Michael Anaya listens to instructions before the start of the Golden West 8th grade promotion ceremony Wednesday night. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT

Summer Reed made sure that her nails were perfect while the rest of her class buzzed around the room with anticipation. 

It wasn’t like the Golden West 8th grader had anything important to do – she was only welcoming the capacity crowd at the school’s annual promotion ceremony and leading them all in the Pledge of Allegience. 

Reed – a 4.0-student who also wore pins for perfect attendance and her involvement with school activities on a lanyard around her neck – was one of 77 students that donned a gown Wednesday night inside of the school’s multipurpose room. 

Brianna Capps and Edwin Mata made the introductions to the parents, family and friends in attendance, while Valeria Amaya presented her student address “Looking Back” and Alexis Patterson delivered “The Path” to her fellow students.

Angelina Fernandes and Shubnaz Jagpal also gave a speech entitled “Growing Up.”

Qualifying for promotion to high school were: Jasmin Aguilar-Martinez, Eric Aleman, Alejandro Alvarado, Valeria Amaya, Michael Anaya, Oscar Avalos, Alan Barajas, Christopher Barrios Flores, Cesar Becerra, Bladimir Bermudez, Brandon Boynton, Brianna Capps, Michael Cardamone, Osvaldo Cardenas, William Chaudron, Karla Cisneros, Gabriella Cruz, Amariz Cuellar, Aliosa DeLeon, Elyssa Dickerson, Angel Duarte, Natalia Espinoza Zambrano, Angelina Fernandes, Frank Flores Herrera, Tairyn Foreman, Anthony Garcia, Ulisses Garcia Ruiz, Krystiana Gomez, Giovanni Gomez, Jonathan Gonzalez, Betsaida Gurrola, Alicia Hernandez, Nicole Hernandez, Rovick Hombrebueno, Jeremy Hopkins, Zachkary Ishmael, Shubnaz Jagpal, Elvis Jimenez, Jason LaPorte, Anthony Le, Damaris Linares, Andres Lucero, MeKahla Machi, Yesenia Martinez, Edwin Mata Castellon, Stephanie Mata Castellon, Gabriel McDermott, Alexis Mendez, Trinity Nicholson, Oliver Ochoa, Lizette Padilla, Jiselle Padilla Toledo, Karen Padilla Toledo, Alexis Patterson, Donja Payne, Zianna Pena, Alexa Perez, Jonathan Quintana Perez, Joaquin Ramirez, Kevin Ramirez, Heather Reed, Summer Reed, Alejandra Rios, Daniel Ruis, Fernando Segura Sanchez, Miguel Sequeira, Matthew Sevedge, Balkaren Singh, Savannah Spence, Harrison Spurgeon, Alexis Stephens, Mariah Stephens, Ashley Toral, Dylan Trueba, Pascuel Vasquez, Jasmine Villasenor and Adrian Zapien.