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Green eggs & ham: just what the doctor ordered
pic green-eggs-2a
From left, Brock Elliott School second-grade students Nikki Castillo and Erica Sanchez didn’t mind sharing their special breakfast served by the Manteca Unified Nutrition Services with the Cat In the Hat. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT
Andres Donatelli liked green eggs and ham.

The Lathrop School second-grade student enjoyed the concoction served up by the Manteca Unified School District’s Nutrition Services so much that he had a second and even third helping of the main course named aptly after the Dr. Seuss book, “Green Eggs and Ham.”

The green eggs consisted of a harmless food dye while turkey ham made for a healthier choice, according to Maureen Johnson.

“We also had a veggie choice (for breakfast),” she said.

Breakfast also included green apples and whole grain apple cinnamon graham crackers.

Green eggs and ham were also served Tuesday at Neil Hafley, Stella Brockman, the McParland Annex, and Lathrop School.

Students at Joshua Cowell and Walter E. Woodward schools will have green eggs and ham along with all the other goodies today on their breakfast menu.

Youngsters at George Komure School in Weston Ranch and Sequoia School can look forward to the same meal on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

In addition, students at some of the participating sites had a chance to win the $25 Best Buy gift cards donated by Nutrition Services.

Not everyone liked the green eggs and ham.

At the McParland Annex, a few of the youngsters refused to taste it.

Tina Vazquez, a kindergarten teacher, read the book, “Green Eggs and Ham,” pointing out that Sam-I-am had a change of heart after tasting a sample.

“He had to try it to like it,” she said.

Vazquez added, “the kids who did try it would later say ‘it tastes like regular eggs.’”

Michael Willis, an eighth-grade student at Brock Elliott School, picked up his breakfast serving.

“I haven’t tried it yet,” he said.

Nikki Castillo finished her green eggs and ham. “It tasted good,” said the Brock Elliott School second-grade student.

The breakfast kicked off a day of literacy.

Some of the activities on this day sponsored by the National Education Association included story time, stop and read – the entire school took a half hour from the schedule to read – and a few book exchanges.