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Hes never missed a day during 13 years
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East Union senior Ryan Shaw was recognized for perfect attendance Thursday morning for being in school every day from kindergarten through high school. He was presented his certificate by school vice principal Eric Simoni at a special breakfast in the school library for 43 students that managed perfect attendance this school year. - photo by GLENN KAHL

Ryan Shaw hasn’t missed a day of school in 13 years.

The East Union High senior was among those honored for perfect attendance this school year at East Union during a perfect attendance recognition breakfast Thursday morning.

Shaw’s close friend Enrique Ramos was also perfect this year and in his freshman and sophomore years.

Talking to the students sitting at breakfast tables in the library, Vice Principal Eric Simone told the students that their recognition was significant in making the school a better place. 

“You are the type of students that make this a good school. How many of you are going to college?” he asked the freshmen through senior students. Almost all their hands went up at the question. “Life goes fast. This is your last couple days and you won’t do it over.”

Simone added that their attendance shows a character trait that is and will be very important in life. 

Shaw has already been accepted by numerous colleges and is now deciding between Berkeley and Harvard where he hopes to major in math with later plans to join the U.S. Air Force as an officer. 

There are two things that stand out in Shaw’s high school years where he played in the Lancer Band. Determined to help make it the best, he noted that one wind instrument was missing from the many being played. He went out and purchased one and taught himself to play.

In addition he didn’t have room in his schedule to include calculus so he picked up a book and taught himself making a few meetings with the calculus teacher. When he was satisfied that he knew the subject well he asked to take the AP Calculus test. Reportedly told no since he had not taken the class, he continued to plead his case. Finally he was allowed to take the test and he scored a five – the top score.

His brother, now 30, also had an almost perfect attendance record as well until he came down with chicken pox in the fourth grade. Up until the fourth, he had not missed a day – after that illness he continued with a perfect attendance record.

Their mother Karen Shaw was somewhat responsible with her son’s high grades and attendance records. She was a stay-at-home school teacher who had her sons reading at two years old and learning the importance of school from that young age.

Ryan was a member of East Union’s JROTC all four years at East Union and plans to continue that membership in college.

The eggs, bacon and potatoes breakfast with added cantaloupe was served by members of the Leadership Class at East Union.


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