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Renting rooms to stadiums
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The use of a classroom for a 4-H club meeting for two hours after school costs $1.72.

A church congregation worshipping in the Manteca High Speech Arts Building for four hours on a Sunday pays $409.72.

Youth football using the Golden West fields for three hours of practice are charged $33.75.

Altogether community use of Manteca Unified School District facilities during the 2014-15 school year generated $131,849.76 in fees. From July 1 of this year through mid-November fees generated have already surpassed $75,170.03.

The fees are designed to cover expenses such as utilities and custodial services.

The school board’s policy regarding community use of school facilities notes, “It has become our goal to build and maintain positive relationships within our community. It is important that our community continues to use MUSD facilities as a community resource.”

Policy requires a minimum of 20 working days for processing applications for using facilities. All insurance requirements must be met. Payment is required a week prior to the event before an application can be approved. Payment is accepted by check or money order.

The district has a sliding scale for charges based on the category a group falls into.

uClass 1A are extra-curricular school events, school fundraisers, district parent information meetings and such that covers booster clubs, parent/community clubs, student body, and the board of trustees. As long as the program benefits the students of the district, all fees are waived during the normal hours a custodian is on duty.

uClass 1B covers civic and charitable organizations in direct support of district students where no one is charged. Typically it covers after school programs, Girls and Boys Scouts, city programs staged by Manteca, Lathrop or Stockton, MUST sports leagues and the Boys & Girls Club. The groups are responsible for utilities, processing and custodial services outside of normal custodial hours where fees apply. 

uModified Class II covers civic or charitable youth groups charging either registration or admissions when the proceeds aren’t forwarded to a district-affiliated organization for the direct benefit of students. They are charged 25 percent less than the direct cost use fee.

uClass II entails nonprofit organizations not charging admission fees and activities that are not directly for the benefit of youth are charged direct costs. Typically this covers adult recreation, religious organizations, and universities.

uClass III is for all other groups not in conflict with district policy regarding what type of organizations can rent school facilities whether they are for profit or non-profit. This class is charged fair rental value.

That means in the Golden West practice field rental for three hours mentioned above a boosters club wouldn’t be charged, a youth sports group would be charged $33.75, an adult flag football league would be charged $45, and a business would be charged $195.

In the Manteca High Speech Arts Building rent example for four hours on a Sunday, the Boy Scouts would be charged $245.72, a church would pay $368.72, a community lecture staged by the American Cancer Society would pay $409.72, and a business staging a lecture would pay $609.72.

Manteca Unified charges for direct costs incurred by the district in providing use of school facilities or grounds to organizations. That includes utilities, supplies, janitorial services, and any salaries for services provided by additional district personnel.


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