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Lathrop Elementary celebrates test results with Evening with the STARs
Students with their rising STAR certificates. - photo by Photo Contributed
LATHROP — Lathrop Elementary held its third annual “Evening with the STARs” Ice-Cream Sundae STAR Recognition.

Students who earned a 10 point growth in either language arts, math, or a combination of the two on last year’s STAR test were invited along with their parents, to attend the event.

Students received certificates as they are “Lathrop’s Rising STARs” as well as all the ice cream sundaes they could eat, as long as their families approved.

Two students, Benjamin Jex and Celeste Jimenez, both scored perfect scores on their math test, so they were also congratulated with gift cards to spend any way they choose at a local department store.

Thanks to Millard Refrigeration’s generous donation of ice-cream, 300 of the 500 plus student recipients and their families enjoyed sundaes topped with all the fixings. These were not your typical ice cream sundaes, but 10-foot-long sundaes that just kept coming as Lathrop’s staff continued to build and serve out the tasteful reward.

Not only did the students have a great time, but so too did the adults in the room and Lathrop’s very own 2nd-8th grade teaching and support staff. Without the commitment from the school’s TEAM of educators, the evening would not have been a success.

One more surprise that came out of the evening’s event was a challenge to administration. If the students bring up their STAR scores on this year’s STAR test, coming up the last week of April and 1st week of May, so that the school’s API reaches 735 or higher, both Principal Silveira and Vice Principal Alvarez will become living sundaes in the fall when the scores are released.

What this means is that both administrators will show their support to the students of Lathrop Elementary by being drenched in ice cream and all the fixings; all in good fun. The best part is that any student who scores a perfect score on the STAR will be the students who get to pour on the toppings.

Lathrop Elementary is aiming for the 800 on the state’s API, but they’re moving forward one step at a time.