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Manteca Unified advised to brace for worst case scenario
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An estimated 130 children who will be eligible for the government-mandated Transitional Kindergarten will get to take part in the program at the start of the coming school year beginning in August. Also known as TK, the program will receive full funding from average daily attendance (ADA) funds.

That’s just one of the highlights, both pros and cons, in the proposed 2012-2013 budget that the Board of Trustees will consider at their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 26. The meeting, which takes place in the district office boardroom at 2271 W. Louise Avenue, will begin at 7 p.m.

With the state budget gap still at $15.7 billion and with Governor Jerry Brown acknowledging that education has taken the majority of budget reductions in past years, staff is recommending that final approval of the district’s spending plan be taken until they see what was adopted by the state. That would allow the board to direct any changes they would like to implement on the spending blueprint for the coming school year during the 45 days allowed for revisions.

Other highlights of the budget proposal:

• while the governor’s November ballot tax initiative is designed to generate education revenue, it is only for a one-time fix and does not include new funding allocations for education.

• One of the proposed trigger reductions should the education-fund initiation fails in November will involve elimination of 15 school days or three weeks of instruction combined over a period of two  years, to be negotiated through the collective bargaining process.

• the district will continue to be responsible for providing mental health services to students with disabilities, with the district contributing $8.2 million from the general fund to the Special Education program.

• district revenues have decreased due in part to loss of ADA (average daily attendance) funds partly caused by an unanticipated drop in actual enrollment/ADA in 2011-2012.

• revenue and expenditures under the proposed budget come to a total of $159,866,949.

• the state is the major source of revenue for the planned budget at $141,661,304 or 90 percent; followed by federal at $8,447,124 or 5 percent, and local at $7,200,618 for the final 5 percent.