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Manteca Unified exploring solar energy options
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Manteca Unified educators have a bright idea they’re considering to possibly save millions of dollars - solar power.

More opportunities to conserve energy and embrace the latest renewable energy systems to achieve that goal is the topic that is bringing together today members of the Manteca Unified School District Board of Trustees.

The study session, to take place at 1 p.m. in the board room of the district office at 2271 W. Louise Ave., will feature representatives of Indoor Environmental Services (IES) and Integrated Engineers & Contractors (IEC). IES presenters will be Stan Butts and Chris Bristow from IES, and Eddie Jordan and Dana Arter from IEC. Their presentation is titled “Energy Solutions for Your School,” a conservation/generation program proposed for MUSD. It will focus on various solar power options.

The two companies are not strangers to school district officials. They have been major partners in the annual Planet Party celebration in the spring whose primary purpose is to introduce sixth graders to topics revolving around eco-friendly projects and practices for a healthier and more energy-efficient future.

IES is an “energy-conservation specialist with extensive California K-12 experience,” with IEC as “solar integrator and public utility partner.”

According to the team’s prepared topic outline, they have already performed site evaluations at all of the district’s 30 campuses and have met with the schools’ principals and their staff to familiarize them with the project and discuss options on the placement of structures for renewable energy systems at their respective sites. Using their site evaluations, the team came up with illustrations as to the types of systems they are proposing for the school sites. The systems could be mounted on the ground, or installed as shade structures.

The result of these proposals could translate into millions of dollars of savings on the part of the district.

Since the agenda item is for information only, the board is not expected to take any action on the matter.

The study session is open to the public.