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Manteca Unified projected enrollment put at 22,842
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By the school year 2013-2014, Manteca Unified School District will have more students than there are residents living in either Lathrop or Ripon.

According to enrollment projections included in the upcoming school year’s budget approved by the Board of Trustees on Tuesday, the district is expecting 22,842 students to be enrolled in the 20 elementary sites, five comprehensive high schools, three alternative schools, and one adult school.

Ripon’s population currently stands at 16,764 according to the city’s official web site, while the city of Lathrop has a population of 17,469 according to its own Internet site.

The projected enrollment figure for all 20 elementary campuses is 15,335. The two that are at the top of the list with the highest anticipated enrollments – and the only two elementary sites that could expect to have more than one thousand students this fall – are Great Valley Elementary in Weston Ranch in first place at 1,115 followed by George McParland Elementary on Northgate Drive in Manteca coming in second at 1,031. Rounding out the top 10 campuses expected to have the highest enrollment are Walter Woodward Elementary south of the 120 Bypass (third at 939), Mossdale Elementary in Lathrop west of Interstate 5 (fourth at 924), and George Komure Elementary in French Camp’s Weston Ranch (913).

The total elementary project enrollment for the 2013-14 school year is 15,335.

All of the secondary sites, with the exception of the three alternative schools – Calla High, Manteca Day School 7-12, the New Vision continuation school located in Weston Ranch, and the Manteca Adult School – are projected to see enrollments topping 1,000. The ranking for the five comprehensive high schools, from the highest to the lowest number, and their respective projected figures are: Manteca High (1,631); East Union High (1,575); Sierra High (1,475); Weston Ranch High (1,215); and Lathrop High (1,167). The anticipated enrollment for Calla High is 220; for New Vision (144), and Manteca Day 7-12 (80).

Total enrollment projection for all of the above high school sites is 7,507.

The Manteca Unified Vocational Academy, the district’s first vocational charter school, is being projected to enroll 75 students during the coming school year. Launched in August 2013, MUVA started by offering just one program – Culinary Arts. Starting in August, MUVA will start offering its second vocational field of study – Industrial Technology and Design. MUVA offers two-year programs and accepts students in 11th grade who are expected to receive their high school diploma as well as a certificate after completing the two years of vocational studies.