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Manteca Unified trying to figure out what to do with Rustic site
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What to do with the Rustic School site?

It wasn’t too long ago that the Manteca Unified School District had looked into accommodating area growth with plans of building a kindergarten-through-eighth-grade campus just south of the Highway 120 bypass site.

The project was even listed on the voter-approved Measure M.

But then the housing market dipped and the projected MUSD student enrollment came to a crawl.

“Right now, we’re not in line to build on the Rustic site,” Superintendent Jason Messer announced.

Trustees discussed the site at last week’s meeting.

State law requires school districts, under the unused land category, to pay property taxes.

In the past, Manteca Unified had installed recreational facilities on such property. But, according to Messer, the Rustic site is landlocked, with lack of direct access from the road making it difficult to do just that.

Meanwhile, the district’s facilities department staff has been exploring options for possible use of this property that meets state guidelines.

“We’ve been in contact with the landowners from the adjacent properties,” Messer added.

Trustee Nancy Teicheira indicated that it really wouldn’t be in the best interest for the district to build another campus.

“My constituents are asking – ‘Why would you build Rustic when you already have Nile Garden School?’” she said.

Messer noted that it would take three years before the MUSD can even consider plans on building on this property.

Taking into account the policies stipulated by the state, staff will continue to explore options on what to do with the Rustic School site.