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Ripon High graduation requirements upped

In an effort to better prepare students for life after high school, the Ripon Unified school board just approved the amended graduation requirements.

Students at Ripon High will now be required to take four courses of English and three courses of mathematics.

Prior to that, graduation requirements consisted of three courses in English and two courses in math.

They’ll also be required to take three courses in science – rather than two – including biological and physical sciences.

In addition, students went from three to now having to complete four courses in social studies, including U.S. history and geography; world history, culture and geography; one semester in American government and vices, and a one-semester course in economics.

RHS students may also take one course in visual or performing arts, foreign language – included here is American Sign Language – or career technical education (CTE).

For the latter, CTE, in order to be counted towards meeting the graduation requirements, must be aligned to the CTE model curriculum standards and framework adopted by the State Board of Education.

Trustees talked about upping the graduation requirements at a previous meeting.

They also approved Anne Goodrich as the Assistant Vice Principal and teacher at RHS during the July 19 special session.