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MUSD celebrates saving $3.3 million in energy
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As the nation celebrates Energy Awareness Month in October, Manteca Unified School District is having a celebration of its own — announcing more than $3,324,328 savings achieved through its energy conservation program.

That savings is equal to 30.6% of the expected energy costs without the program. In environmental terms, the energy saved equates to 6,143 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions being prevented, or 1103 autos off the highway annually or over 157,133 tree seedlings planted and grown in 10 years.  

“It is particularly appropriate to celebrate our savings this month,” said Superintendent Jason Messer, “Energy Awareness Month is all about teaching people to make good decisions about the energy they use, and that’s what our program does: today, every person on our staff uses energy as needed and is careful to never waste energy. By implementing best practices for energy use throughout our system, we create savings, enhance the learning environment and retain dollars for education —it’s the right thing to do.”

Victoria Brunn and Kimberly Wright serve as Energy Education Specialists for MUSD. They received intensive training from Energy Education energy consultants to determine and implement energy-saving techniques throughout the system. Every energy-using item in the system —including all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, food service facilities, athletic facilities, offices and classrooms, auditoriums, cafeterias, information technology, and computer labs —receives ongoing evaluation for the best, most efficient use of energy while ensuring that the learning environment is at its best.

To verify the program’s effectiveness, identify further saving opportunities and measure success, Wright and Brunn track energy consumption — including electricity, water, sewer, natural gas and fuel oil —using third-party energy-accounting software from EnergyCAP, Inc. The software compares current energy use to a baseline period and calculates the amount of energy that would have been used if conservation and management practices had not been implemented. It adjusts for weather, equipment additions or deletions, and changes in building use. By tracking consumption and analyzing energy use, EnergyCAP® helps MUSD and Energy Education quickly identify and correct any wasteful energy use that needs to be addressed.

MUSD received Leadership labels for each of their 33 sites, Leadership 30% Improvement award, and Top Performer recognition award for 2010 from ENERGY STAR by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.