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MUSD warning of Going Digital scam
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Parents and guardians of students in Manteca Unified School District are being alerted about individuals claiming to be Microsoft representatives and telling the students they need their remote access to their personal computers.

This is a phone scam, according to district officials. Messages alerting all parents, guardians, and the public to beware of these phone scams have been posted on the school district website. Similar notifications have been sent out to all parents as well warning them to be on alert for such approaches to their children.

“We would like to reassure you, our community, that neither Microsoft nor anyone from the MUSD Information Technology Department will ever contact you and attempt to remotely access your device unprompted,” reads the red-alert notice on the school district website. The notice then gives instructions on how to disable the connection used to contact the students.

“The security of your student device and the safety of your personal information is our top priority. If approached in this way, please discontinue the call and contact immediately.”

The alert notice states that this scam was brought to district officials’ notice and that only “a very limited number of our students were approached” by persons posing as Microsoft representatives.

The message is relayed both in English and Spanish.

Administrative staff members in the district have also been sent notification from the district office directing them to notify their students and parents about the scam. Students and parents are being asked as well to contact their school’s administrators if they receive any of the bogus contacts from the individuals who are claiming themselves as Microsoft representatives.

Other types of notifications have been sent as well to those who don’t have access to emails.

Trustee  Nancy Teicheira of Area 4 was one of those who heard about the scam on Friday and became concerned.

“I was shocked that people would be approaching the kids,” said Teicheira who was alerted by the parent of a student.

Children are so vulnerable and would not know the difference between someone who is just pretending to be a Microsoft executive and one who is a legitimate representative of the company, she said.

To read the entire alert message from the school district, go to


To contact Rose Albano Risso, email or call 209.249.3536.