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Ripon schools hiring grant writers to secure funds
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RIPON — Ripon Unified school trustees are looking to a grant writer to plug some of the holes in their state funding by approving a six-month trial with California Consulting grant writing services.

Superintendent Louise Nan told board members she had been negotiating with the firm for the best possible fee of $2,000 a month – saving $500 a month from the normal fee.

Nan said grants become available in March through May saying the time is right to put a grant writer into the mix.  The firm has a favorable track record of providing grant monies for their many clients including cities, counties and school districts.

She explained that after the six-month trial period the trustees may reevaluate the costs and the benefits of the firm’s service to the school district.

Trustee Mike Fisher noted that any one grant “will pay for our investment of $12,000 for six months” to show us what he can do.

Steve Samuelian, CEO of California Consulting, made a formal presentation to the school board at its January meeting.  The funding for the grant writing trial was expected to come from state fiscal stabilization funds.