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Tutoring kids in health careers
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Doctors Hospital of Manteca Lab technician Cindy Crawford explanations of the hospital lab to students with the Give Every Child a Chance tutoring program. - photo by GLENN KAHL

Doctors Hospital of Manteca offered a three-hour presentation on the different aspects of the medical facility’s operation to students from Give Every Child a Chance earlier this week.

CEO Nicholas Tejeda opened the session welcoming the some 30 students who filled the conference room in the hospital.

Eddie Gutierrez, an MRI/CT technician, explained his duties to the students. He told them what they had to do to prepare to step into his shoes. 

From the emergency room, nurse Brian Beenes told of the in’s and out’s of his duties, never knowing what injured or sick person would be coming into the door next.  The ER staff members are always prioritizing care to their patients related to the degree of sickness or injury.  An ambulance is often seen unloading crash and heart attack victims at their back door.

Eric Rudel is the physical therapy director who works with everything from sports to fall victims.

Jon Mendoza of Manteca Ambulance stepped up to the lectern explaining the activity of his fleet of some five “cars” that are busy day and night responding to the needs of Manteca and Lathrop families.  The ambulance company also responds to mutual aid needs in Ripon when their ambulances are out on another call.

Tracy Van De Pol is an operating room technician and a Ray Instrument Tech who explained her duties at the hospital.

One of the five hospitalists at the hospital Simran Sethi who steps in for the patient’s private doctors making regular rounds when they are not available because of office hours.

The session closed with a hospital tour of the facility.