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Two trustees trying to remove administrator?
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An administrator at a high school in the Manteca Unified School District will remain in his position following a Board of Trustees vote in closed session on Tuesday.

The vote, it was reported, were two ayes in favor of the motion, three nays, and two abstentions. Those who voted in favor of the motion were Trustee Ashley Drain of Area 2, and board vice president Sam Fant of Area 1 who made the motion. Voting against the motion was board clerk Nancy Teicheira of Area 4, Evelyn Moore of Area 5, and Michael Seelye of Area 3. Board president Deborah Romero and Trustee Alexander Bronson of Area six abstained.

The result of the vote, which died in motion for lack of a majority, was announced after the board resumed discussion of the unfinished closed-session items at the conclusion of the open-session meeting.

Fant said his motion “had nothing to do with the removal, or about anybody being dismissed or anything like that; it was a conversation starter for the board.”

He declined to make any further comment because “it’s a personnel issue,” he said.

While no name was mentioned by Fant, one item listed in the closed session agenda referred to “public school employee discipline/dismissal/release/reassignment” pursuant to Government code Section 54957.