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Volunteers step up to save Ripons junior high sports
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RIPON – A group of 20 volunteers is making sure that elementary athletics aren’t completely done away with because of budget constraints.

When it was announced that the Ripon Unified School District would no longer be able to offer coaching stipends for elementary positions a team of local parents began to assemble and come up with ideas on how to pick up the slack and ensure that sports aren’t completely eradicated.

Earlier this week the Ripon City Council approved the collective request of the volunteers to waive the typical Department of Justice Live Scan fees that are charged for undergoing required background checks.

Police Chief Richard Bull told the council that processing the roughly 20 volunteers wouldn’t adversely impact his staffing of Community Service Officers that conduct the background checks at all – garnering the quick support of Mayor Chuck Winn and Councilman Dean Uecker.

“We’re going to help these people out that are ultimately going to be out there helping the community,” Uecker said. “With the way that things have been going, volunteers like this have been vital.”

According to resident and volunteer Stephanie Hobbs, athletics would ultimately be cut completely from the junior high level had it not been for the group of volunteer coaches that stepped forward to fill the positions at each of the schools.

“I’m just so impressed with the community and their willingness to step forward and make something like this possible,” Hobbs said. “We’re fortunate that we had somebody like Brenda Machado that was able to organize this, and it’ll allow us to preserve these sports that give our students something positive to do after school.”