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Weston Ranch High going to block plan
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Manteca High School is not the only one going on block scheduling at the start of the school year 2015-2016. Weston Ranch High School’s request to get the green light from the Board of Trustees to do the same starting in August of next year was approved at the last board meeting on Nov. 12.

In getting the block schedule approved, Weston Ranch used the same procedure that was set by Manteca High. They developed a committee of teachers which was charged with researching and doing a study of the district’s block scheduling program, along with that of other districts. They then presented their findings to staff and teachers of Weston Ranch, after which a vote was taken with 65 percent voting in favor of the move, and the 35 percent voting against the proposal.

With Weston Ranch going the way of Manteca High, Sierra High, and Lathrop High in regard to block schedule, East Union High School remains the only campus that is on traditional school year schedule. However, Superintendent Jason Messer said the Lancers “have their own timeline to go on block scheduling.”

Proponents of block scheduling say this gives students more opportunity to enroll in Advance Placement classes, as well as more time to spend with their teachers because the students will only have four classes at a time at longer hours with their teachers – from 55 minutes to 90 minutes each time.

The vote at Manteca High by teachers, students, staff, parents and students was an overwhelming 64 percent in favor and 25 percent responding “I don’t care.”

Manteca High received the board’s approval to go on block scheduling at the October meeting.


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