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Widmer, Lathrop eighth graders advancing on to high school next
Widmer GRAD--Pic 3a
Sammie Salacup, Paula Mora and Janessa Pizon share a laugh in their final minutes as 8th grade students Wednesday night at the Joseph Widmer Jr. Promotion Ceremony. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL

LATHROP  - The Widmer Wildcats honored in Wednesday’s Promotion Ceremony won’t be traveling far when they make the jump to Lathrop High next year.

But it’s a journey that they earned the right to take.

Leadership student Carter Scott started off the evening with the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced the National Anthem while Danielle Osotero delivered the welcome remarks to parents and friends in attendance.

Principal Suzan Turner-Kelley presented the class to Superintendent Jason Messer, and junior high teachers Lisa Kelley and Paula DeBoard  announced the names of the students that qualified to go on to high school – receiving their certificates from Messer.

A video presentation followed.


Danika Hunt – Lincoln Elementary’s Student Body president – hit the nail on the head when she talked about “memories” in the speech to her classmates.

But it was Student Body Vice President Sandra De La Riva that highlighted what Wednesday afternoon’s Promotion Ceremony was truly all about – the “future.”

With Lincoln Elementary Principal Sonya Arellano delivering the welcome remarks and the special awards and presenting the class to Director of Elementary Education Cheryl Meeker and Trustee Evelyn Moore, all eyes were then on teachers Gena King and Mahlon Lott as they introduced those who qualified to move on to high school.

Braulio Solis also talked about “appreciation.”