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Enjoying autumn colors in Manteca
Spring and autumn are juxtaposed in this picture of almonds in peak bloom in Manteca’s newest mural dubbed “Manteca Snow” and the yellowing autumn leaves of this sycamore tree on Manteca Avenue next to the old City Hall across from the Library Park. - photo by HIME ROMERO
You don’t have to travel back East, drive up the high country or to the famed Sierra foothills to see for yourself that, indeed, autumn is here.

Fall foliage is evident practically everywhere in Manteca - especially in the downtown business district and immediately around it.

As a perennial observer of the seasons changing in the area by virtue of my penchant for photographically chronicling local flora and fauna as well as the avian scene, I can honestly say that the recent years have brought more colorful foliage to the Family City’s landscape not only in spring but also in the fall. In large part, residents have former and longtime city arborist Ed Maze, and the powers-that-be at City Hall to thank for their wisdom to recognize the role that trees play in improving the environment and quality of life for everybody, not just aesthetically but environmentally.

One need only look at such major thoroughfares as the Mission Ridge Avenue, Union Road between Lathrop Road and the Highway 120 Bypass, the entire stretch of Center Street and all the main traffic collectors along the city’s newest major subdivisions - and even commercial developments - to notice the stark difference between the vista that one can see there today in terms of curbside trees and what was there as recently as five or six years ago. I know there was a time a little more than a decade ago when I was quite hard-pressed to find areas to shoot autumn colors for the Bulletin. Today, you need only take a stroll in downtown Manteca and experience fully and truly that, yes, autumn is here in Manteca!