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Every Monday Matters in GECAC After School Advantage Program
Some of the youth who are learning positive behaviors from “Every Monday Matters” wear wristbands proclaiming their participation as part of the After School Advantage programs offered through Give Every Child a Chance. - photo by Photo Contributed

If you had the opportunity to make a difference, would you? If you could make someone’s day by simply sharing a smile or writing a thank you, would you take the time to stop and do it?

In the coming months, the Give Every Child A Chance (GECAC) After School Advantage Programs (ASAP) will be participating in an exciting new curriculum that will teach the students ways they can make a difference in the world they live in.

Every Monday Matters is a small book sending a big message. This inspirational book describes 52 simple ways to make a change in our community and the world around us. It shows how ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Some of the projects the students will be involved in are “De-Trashing Our School,” “Being Great at Gratefulness,” and “A Healthy Me.” Through these motivating projects students will learn how a little effort each week will benefit their school, friends and families. GECAC hopes each student leaves knowing how much they matter and what a great difference they can make in the world around them. GECAC would like to invite everyone to stop by and see all the wonderful things the ASAP’s will be doing.

 If you would like to visit one of GECAC’s many ASAP sites please contact Oscar Munguia at 825-7003, or