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Family organizes search for son
Jeremy Lum
LATHROP — Lathrop’s Lum family is organizing a ground and air search party for their missing 28-year-old son Jeremy this morning
Lum who walked away from the county jail Thursday morning barefoot and apparently disoriented, according to his aunt Connie Perez. She can be reached at 606-8198 if you have any information about her nephew’s whereabouts.

The searchers are gathering at Interstate 5 and Mathews Road at 8 a.m.  They will go door to door handing out flyers and search empty barns and any abandoned houses they come across in the area.  

Perez said her nephew – a philosophy grad from Cal Berkley – is bipolar and had been on psychiatric medications for depression as well as seizures. She said he has lately been suffering from depression.

Lum’s dad Jerry said he last saw his son about 8 p.m. Wednesday when he went to his house and invited him to join them at a family dinner.  He was resting in bed and didn’t want to get up, he said.

Perez said he later walked away from his Lathrop home sometime Wednesday night with his dog, Attila, and  headed in the direction of her home.  He was later found in a front yard about 11 p.m. where residents called police.  Believed to be under the influence he was detained in county jail for the rest of the night, she added.

Deputies reportedly took the dog back to his home on Lathrop Road in the central area of Lathrop.

Lum was released at 7 a.m. Thursday morning, disappearing after he left the jail facility.  Family members canvassed the area Thursday and Friday and talked with residents, one of whom said they might have seen a man of his description walking toward Stockton.

Jerry Lum said late Friday night that in talking with deputies he learned that the jail surveillance video showed his son leaving the front of the facility by himself.

Lum’s Aunt Perez said all the adult kids in the family graduated from East Union High School and know the geography well around Lathrop and French Camp.  She is calling upon her friends in her marathon running team to join the family in their search.  She said she is also calling on others who are on her Facebook.

Another aunt, Cindy Lum, is coming home from San Francisco asking her friends, as well, to join in the search Saturday morning.

Jerry Lum, himself a Civil Air Patrol pilot, said a friend and pilot Robert Zylstra flew over the area Friday at dusk and will be in the air again in the morning.  Zylstra will be covering the vast area around the county jail all the way to Lathrop and checking out the San Joaquin River as well.

Lum said, “The longer this goes on the worse I feel,” Lum said.

The Lum family is known well to Lathrop residents for their past operation of the Delta Market.