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Felonies fall 30% in November
Crime rate drop accelerating in Manteca
There is less criminal activity in Manteca this year. - photo by HIME ROMERO/Bulletin file photo

The drop in Manteca’s crime rate is accelerating.

Manteca in November experienced a 30.3 percent drop in felonies and a 23.26 percent drop in misdemeanors compared to November of 2013.

In the first 11 months of 2014, felonies are down 18.03 percent compared to the same period for last year. Misdemeanors are down over the same time period by 11.86 percent.

Every category of felonies except for two dropped in year-to- year comparison for January through November.  There was one additional rape so far this year to bring the number to 14 or a 7.69 percent increase. There were also 11 more v vehicle thefts resulted in 308 through Nov. 30 for a 3.7 percent jump.

Dropping during the first 11 months of this year were:

robbery down 2.78 percent from 72 to 70.

aggravated assault down 19.77% from 86 to 69.
commercial burglary down 25.17% from 143 to 107.

residential burglary down 43.08% from 260 to 148.

other burglary down 50% from 34 to 17.

auto burglary down 25.17% from 433 to 324.

grand theft down 16.03% 156 to 131.
arson down 36.26% from 22 to 14.

other felonies down 9.51% from 431 to 390.

The felonies listed are those the FBI uses to measure the relative safety of communities across the nation.

Misdemeanor thefts are down 22.46% going from 1,153 to 894 while all other misdemeanors have dropped 6.18% going from 2,151 to 2,018.