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Former building owners not happy with pot clinic
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Barbara Larson and Ed Machado do not condone the pot dispensary one iota that opened in the building they once owned in a partnership at 311 East Yosemite Avenue.

The partners sold the building a few years back to Lynn and Mary Smith of Stockton. It then went into foreclosure and was purchased in January by new owners.

Larson goes a step further saying that those who frequent the Quick N’ Easy Cooperative Market that dispenses medical marijuana are not welcome to use the parking lot she owns on the corner of Sycamore Avenue and Yosemite Avenue or park in the adjoining building shell that she owns. Last week, a number of patrons who were accessing the dispensary used the lot. Larson has the parking lot chained off but people keep taking the chains down.

A judge Tuesday issued a temporary restraining order barring he sale of marijuana at 311 E. Yosemite Ave. The City of Manteca is seeking a permanent injunction on March 25.

DUI checkpoint snags unlicensed, suspended drivers
Just how effective are the DUI checkpoints Manteca Police conduct?

The last one on Feb. 28 in the 700 block of North Main Street had 531 vehicles pass through the checkpoint with 20 drivers checked for a driver’s license. There were seven field sobriety tests conducted and one arrest for DUI.

Nine vehicles were impounded for the driver driving unlicensed or with a suspended license or for being intoxicated.

It was a checkpoint a few years back on East Yosemite Avenue that allowed police to collar an easy narcotics arrest.

An officer detected a particular odor coming from a SUV. They asked the driver if they could check the back and they were told they could. What they found was a dozen or so marijuana plants in pots.