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Four fire departments train at Orchard Valley
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Some 23 firefighters over three days from four different departments joined together to train for what could be in reality a large commercial mutual-aid fire response to save lives and property.

The firefighters dealt with a simulated fire in The Promenade Shops at Orchard Valley retail center at the 120 Bypass and Union Road and worked on interdepartmental communications and operations

The Manteca Fire Department sponsored the South County Regional Training Exercise that began on Monday and went on to include Wednesday and Thursday. Engines and personnel from the Lathrop-Manteca Fire Department, Ripon Fire Department, Sharpe Defense Depot’s Defense Logistic Agency and the Manteca City Fire Department participated in the training.

“With some of the large commercial buildings now located in the city and outlying areas, a greater emphasis is being placed on joint training and operations,” according to fire department spokesman Dave Marques.

He added that the cities involved do not have sufficient resources to effectively fight these large fires on their own, so they must rely on assistance from neighboring agencies.

The Manteca department also voiced its appreciation to the owners of The Orchard Valley Lifestyles Center, Poag & McEwen, of Memphis TN, for allowing them the use of the empty portion of the mall for their training.