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Denises sells local harvests
Manager Colton Camara helps a customer at Denises Farmers Market located at 16569 East Highway 120. - photo by HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin

Denise’s Farmers Market is a  Manteca-Lathrop-Ripon  area business entering its seventh year that’s committed to selling only fresh and locally grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other food.
There are two locations that dwarf the typical fruit stand in both size and the variety of offerings. The markets are also kept open year round because of different growing seasons.
Owners Denise and Kenny Eastburn along with their managers and crew pick up orders on a daily basis from local farmers and vendors based on what is in season.
“The nice thing about farmers markets compared to grocery stores,” Kenny Eastburn said, “is when we place an order, they pick it right then for us and it gets delivered the same day.”
Eastburn notes that the food is “fresher because it is straight from the field.”
In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, Denise’s Farmers Market offers dried fruits, nuts, sauces, milk, and breads, from local sources. Popular choices include peaches, apricots, cherries, watermelons, and especially the local corn nuts. In the winter the market adapts to new growing seasons and commonly offers strawberries, oranges, artichokes, broccoli and winter squash.
Denise’s Farmers Market first opened in February 2010 on Highway 120 east of Manteca. This is known to the business as the Ripon location, and attracts travelers heading to the Sierra via the highway. The Lathrop location, opened in October 2014, primarily draws locals from Manteca, Lathrop, Tracy, and River Islands. This building receives additional customers during Dell’Osso functions.
Denise’s expands beyond the traditional farmers market. The Lathrop location uses the fresh produce for a deli with sandwiches, salads, and soups. The Ripon location sells firewood. Both locations also hold frequent barbeques and make fresh fruit smoothies. On their Facebook page,, they post what foods are fresh and in season.
The two sites of Denise’s Farmers Market are:
u16569 E. Highway 120, Ripon: reached at 209-599-2171
u950 W. Manthey Road, Lathrop: market reached at 209-944-7211, deli at 209-944-7225