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Get ready for rain Tuesday
Seasons first storm means slick streets
The first measurable rain of the weather year that started July 1 is expected to hit the South County Tuesday.

The National Weather Service has indicated a fairly strong Pacific storm will hit the Bay Area hardest dropping any where from 2 to 6 inches of rain as it travels eastward over the Northern San Joaquin Valley and into the Sierra where Yosemite National Park is expected to get a bit of rain Tuesday with winds gusting up to 40 mph.

Public safety spokesmen are reminding people the roads will be especially slippery as the first rain of the season combines with the buildup of oil and even dirt on driving surfaces making them slippery. It also will be the first storm since Manteca Unified expanded the walking distance for schools to reduce busing costs.

There are warnings for landslides in fire-ravaged hillsides in the Bay Area.

The South San Joaquin Irrigation District will be monitoring the rain as the irrigation season will end Oct. 21 unless the storm drops a half inch or more at the recording device at the district yard at 11011 East Yosemite Avenue east of Manteca. The SSJID has managed its water well enough during the third year of California’s drought to help farmers and cities elsewhere by selling surplus water. They need to, however, make sure they have adequate carry over at Woodward Reservoir for municipal use in the coming months and early irrigation runs in 2010.

A high of 78 degree is expected today in Manteca with plenty of sunshine. Monday’s temperature will drop to 72 degrees as clouds move in. Then Monday night it will be cloudy and breezy with the low dropping to 57 degrees. Breezy and rainy conditions are in the forecast for Tuesday when the high will reach 71 degrees. Rain is expected to continue into the evening with windy conditions then becoming partly cloudily with the possibility of isolated showers.

Wednesday the high goes back up to 76 degrees with considerable cloudiness and a possibility of rain.

Temperatures will return to the high 70s on Thursday.