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38,000 ballots still being counted in SJ County
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There are nearly 38,000 ballots from all over San Joaquin County that are still being counted, according to figures obtained from the county Registrar of Voters office.

These are the combined absentee (29,257) and provisional (8,578) ballots that were received at the different polling places as well as at the Registrar of Voters Office on Election Day.

Tallying the mailed-in ballots is going quickly with the help of computerized machines. But processing the thousands of provisional ballots is laborious and detailed and therefore more time consuming, according to Registrar of Voters Austin Erdman.

In some areas where the race between candidates remains very close, the final outcome of the election could hinge on the result of these tallies. In Ripon, for example, the votes that separate council candidates Carolyn Jensen and Dean Uecker are such that a clear winner between the two is still hard to say. Mayor Chuck Winn has already secured enough votes to guarantee him the first slot in the council race. Unlike the cities of Manteca and Lathrop, Ripon does not elect a mayor; council members rotate to serve in that post.

Erdman said the counting could be completed as early as Nov. 24 or by Nov. 30 at the latest. The latter is the last day when, by law, the counting is supposed to be done. The law calls for the certification of the results of the election 28 days after the election, which is the end of the month.

Absentee ballots are those that were requested by voters to fill out at home and drop in the mail or at a polling place on Election Day. Provisional ballots are those that are requested and filled out by voters who, for various reasons, do not have the necessary ID or requirements to cast their votes in the standard manner or to fill out an absentee ballot.

In the three-way mayor race in Lathrop, chances are the second- and third-place positions of Mayor Kristy Sayles and former councilman Steve Dresser, respectively, could still change. According to the last tally from the Registrar of Voters from all votes counted at the end of Election Day – that includes votes cast at Lathrop’s 10 precincts and absentees received by that date, only 31 votes separate the two candidates, with Kristy garnering 743 and Dresser capturing 712 votes.

 Erdman said his office does not have a city-by-city breakdown of the number of absentee and provisional ballots submitted on Election Day.