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Cost of council: $51.5K a year
Includes stipends, elective benefits
It is costing Manteca 77 cents per capita to provide the City Council with annual compensation including stipends and benefits such as health insurance and deferred compensation.

That comes to $51,555.30 a year after their voluntary 10 percent reduction in City Council and Redevelopment Agency stipends every member of the council agreed to take to do their part to help with the city’s stressed general fund.

If every council member took everything possible - full stipends, health insurance, dental and vision care, deferred compensation, Public Employees Retirement System contributions, and life insurance - the total bill for taxpayers would be $112,944.

Typically the city budgets the full amount since that is what the impact could be in a given fiscal year if every council member took every benefit available. For at least 15 years, though, Manteca has spent somewhere in between $50,000 and $80,000 a year on council compensation depending upon what the council members at the time were actually taking in benefits.

Topping the list in overall compensation is council member Debby Moorhead at $1,882.40. She is the only member who takes almost all benefits offered and the only one that takes health insurance.

Next is Mayor Willie Weatherford at $749.69 a month followed by Councilman Vince Hernandez at $744.69, Steve DeBrum at $603.85, and John Harris at $600.65.

Each councilman receives $500 a month as a stipend for being a council member. That is the amount allowed under state law for a general law city the size of Manteca. They also each receive $30 for each redevelopment agency meeting. That comes to $560 a month before the voluntary 10 percent pay cut that brings their monthly gross to $504.

The mayor gets the same pay as council members.
Weatherford noted his take home pay after taxes is roughly $350 a month.

Since council members aren’t reimbursed for mileage for day-to-day city business they may conduct or out-of-pocket expenses, most council members typically spend the $350 on expenses related to serving as council member including buying tickets to numerous dinners and such.

If council members attend out-of-town conferences, they have the option of asking for mileage.

Manteca’s annual compensation costs including benefits of $51,555.30 for the entire council is half of what just one City of Bell council member was receiving in Southern California under rules they put in place as a charter law city. The $100,000-plus paycheck for Bell council members didn’t include the cost of benefits. Bell has 40,000 residents and Manteca 67,000.